Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Hits The Bottom 3!

She surely has a reason to fear country music. It’s too bad Kristie Lee Cook was not eliminated before her. Kristie, however joins Ramie and Brookie White in the Bottom 3. The results is just minutes away…Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

experiencing Korean dance

Dance is a big part of Korean culture, be it traditional (mask, drum, etc) or modern (jazz, break boy, belly, latin, etc). Last Halloween, Elena and I watched a free show by a dance company in the local Geoje Art Center. Ronnel and Aimee are currently studying Latin dance. My friends from the church will be performing a dance number a couple of weeks from now. And next weekend, we will be watching Beyonce dance her way in a concert (that's before she releases her first dance album) in Olympic Park in Seoul.

Photo showing high schoolers belly dancing as part of a charity program that we participated in for kids.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

if there's a rope, there's a way

I am back once more. Aimee got her pc back explaining my absence in the blogging world. But things will get better once Ezer lends me his pc, now that he's got a laptop. Poor me can't buy my own pc hehe. So I finally download Picasa in my office pc to be able to post again. Bloggers die hard. They just multiply.^^
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Monday, August 27, 2007

they're here!!!

Elena and Jonard are finally with me in our company together with a dozen more new Filipino engineers. Since arriving a couple of weeks back, we have hit the beach three times (thats him wearing eyeglasses that shows me and Elena), watched in the cinema twice and have eaten countless ice cream! Korea has never been so much fun. And that applies even in our office. Yes, we do work in the same part! ^*^
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Friday, August 03, 2007


For at least a week every August, we have the privelege of taking our vacation.

This year, I took my family to Palawan (see photo), met my university friends last night in the new Ayala mall Trinoma then watched the totally hilarious Simpsons The Movie, walked around Manila and shopped in Robinson's Place for the first time earlier today, and blogging all about these in the lobby of Manila Pavilion, where I temporarily take refuge since the beginning of this month and waiting for old friend Dinah who will take me to the World Food Expo before I pick up my Korean friends in the airport.

Tomorrow, is another reunion with friends from Korea and high school when we witness Carlo & Che's wedding.

So, what else is in store for my 2-week vacation? There's a church service I will go to, the Cinemanila Film Festival in Gateway, maybe a party in my home for my friends who will be joining our company, return trip to Pagsanjan Falls, and a party at Tey's place.

And if you wish to join the fun, the title gives the number to call. See you friends around. :)
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

i now pronounce you Carlo and Che

Next week, as both Korea and the Philippines gear up for at least 30 deg C scorching temperatures and Korean employees are taking at least a week-long summer holidays, my very good friends are tying the knot in the Philippines! Congratulations!

Of course, I will be there to celebrate the ocassion.

I just can't wait to take the plane in a couple of days!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

closing time

Today marks the final day of the 1oth Boryeong Mud Fest. Havent there been an election of officers for the term of our Filipino cooperative and the visit of new friends from Gimhae, I would have returned for another weekend of mud fun. Check out last week's fun here.

I'm sure there will be fireworks, like this one I took during the opening night.
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